We’ve been making didgs since 1993 and have always made didgs from a passionate players perspective. I started out,  making  didgs   to build my  own playing collection and before long I  had more than I needed. For the first couple of years as a hobby business I’d sell word of mouth and journey to the Down to Earth Confest -a large festival twice yearly that attracted large no’s of didg players.  It was a place where us folk would connect up and we’d exchange much in 10 days camped together. The didg  makers would often set up   in the market place and  the 5-10,000 festival goers  would keep us didging strong and passing on many a good instrument. It was real grass roots happening with the festival becoming a way of life over  such a time camped together. It wasn’t a music festival so folk everywhere would  gather organically in groups and there would be jamming most everywhere.  These  times set the  scene for   Heartland Didgeridoos  and what we’re on about. Connecting up  with and supporting fellow players.