• That the amount of people playing and connecting with Didgeridoo will be a big part in bringing about a renaissance of our culture. People’s new found sensitivity to earth, indigenous culture and all living things, combined with the bodily felt need to slow down and find a more harmonious lifestyle; will bring about a tidal wave of change that will seem a mystery in its power and its ability to transform our lives. Simply it will come about from many individuals choosing to listen to their inner voices, a gift that Didgeridoo instils through their contemplative caressing vibrations.

  • To make and supply the highest quality Didgeridoo’s to people around the globe; who desire a Didgeridoo, white ant hollowed and made in the time honoured way with focus on internal and external finish, playing ability, and artwork that reflects the spirit of the particular Didgeridoo.

  • Each didg., a tree from Australia, brings the calming spirit of this vast land, its traditional people, and the “Heartland” makers spirit who is grounding a wholistic lifestyle and passes on this seed to you the player. It’s time for us all to keep stepping forward in living more harmoniously everyday and it is our aim to embody this as our businesses number 1 priority ahead of results – making or selling.

  • To create a business that supports our passion as didg players, looks after our families, supports our clan becoming stronger and so helps bring in the old and the new.

  • To support indigenous and all others in reconnecting as one extended family and reclaiming our role as conscious caretakers of our mother earth.