Written in 2002 . reflecting on our first decade didging.
~~~~ or check 2012 rave & 2nd Decade ……..further below. 

~ I’ve been making didgs since 1993, and have always made didgs from a passionate players perspective. I started out,  making  didgs   to build my  own playing collection and before long I  had more than I needed.

For the first couple of years as a hobby business I’d sell word of mouth and journey to the Down to Earth Confest -a large festival twice yearly that attracted large no’s of didg players.  It was a place where us folk would connect up and we’d exchange much in 10 days camped together. The didg  makers would often set up   in the market place and  the 5-10,000 festival goers  would keep us didging strong and passing on many a good instrument. It was real grass roots happening with the festival becoming a way of life over  such a time camped together. It wasn’t a music festival so folk everywhere would  gather organically in groups and there would be jamming most everywhere.  These  times set the  scene for   Heartland Didgeridoos  and what we’re on about. Connecting up  with and supporting fellow players.

Also from very early on didg has been  a family affair. My   brother , Kevin  and I were building   farm sheds in the years before didging and   so when I got my first didg it wasn’t long before he was into it. He went on to be a full-time didg maker, workshop facilitator and top player and our father Tony  also plays,  and when he can, supports finding and making didgs.

From early on I ran workshops teaching didg and also  sold via markets  and other festivals. Word of mouth built momentum and  from 1995 overseas orders kicked in with regular  orders from Europe initially  then the US and now from many corners of the globe. In 1997 we started working towards our web site and launched it in 1998. This further allowed us to continue to develop our focus on quality  didgs and to feature other makers instruments.

We were the first  on the web to develop  the sale of individually featured didgeridoos and have continued to expand this focus, and  we still have one of the largst displays of indivdual didgs on the web. Many others have joined the web didg scene and there are some brilliant web sites  out there  and Heartland still remains one on the cutting edge.

Because of the ever increasing  amount of didgs in our home , in 1999 we leased a shop In Bellingen to  to better service our web business.

Heartland Didgeridoos was also the first to instigate a world wide didg jam, which occured at the turning of the Millenium new year in 2000.  This was an exciting moment in time  to bless with the sound of didgeridoo encircling the earth. Since 2000 Didj shop in Queensland has  done a great service in furthering  what we started.

Via the web, didg players saw  the quality of our work and custom orders became a key focus of our business which led to countless exciting projects , even the making of a special 3 piece didg that went in the Space Shuttle to the Mirr Space Station in 2002.

Aside from making our own didgs, we source  from  other makers  who approach didg in a similar way. At different times we have didgs  from the far North Queensland  or Northern Territory to the far south in  Victoria to the west over in  Western Australia, so we’re renowned for the range of didgs we stock.

To keep it  alive , I continue to go bush myself and make, paint and play, as well as  support with indigenous and non  indigenous   comings together.  This way  I stay connected to didgs  roots.

Its more than an instrument, a product , or cultural symbol or ritual object;  it continues to be a mystery, which  keeps it so alive and fun.,                              Tynon


Written  in 2012  reflecting on  a 2nd decade didging.

Last ten years went in the blink of an eye, and  didg making, teaching and selling is still a blessing.  A lot  has unfolded in that time, & there has been significant growth in the art of making, and lots  of learnings, and yet  at the core we are still on the same course. I can read our Vision statement and it still rings true and guides our journey.Over the last decade we have helped 1000’s of  didg players and taught countless how to play, and yet  whilst there is always the outward side of running a business, in many respects  the last decade has been the in  breath as the first decade was the out.

This last decade was  an in breath in many respects. Heartland was  the most stable as in based purely in  the country township Bellingen and we travelled less for festivals and more so just hunting good logs in the bush.  My outward  didg energy channelled quitely  in less seen ways, for example working with developing rites of passges  for teenage boys and finding myself using the didg the way it has been used  for milleniums. Also building my families home in that time and seeing our children , grow  up and even leave our  nest, all made for a rich dynamic  time, where the chop wood  carry water of life  allowed me to drop the ego of the journey and be a simple didg maker & provider  for my family. Over that time, aside from retailing   out of our shop, I wholesaled more than ever, which supported simply honing my making & keeping busy.

The first decade  was so  web focused and into the personal connections here  there and literally everywhere,  culminating in even a client flying around the earth in the Mirr space station sending me emails. It was a fun period. The second decade though, I gradually then consciously pulled away from the web. I desired more personal face to face business or more grounded connections & in its simplicity wholesale became part of that.

Over the last two years the urge to return more to the web world increased and I’m now in a breath out phase again, and desiring to share and connect more widely. I’m looking forward to my 3rd decade  didging and where it takes Heartland. There is a lot I look fwd to sharing, that deserves to be distilled on the site, & will be there for the reading or watching soon.

happy didgin, Tynon