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  1.  A tree has roots centring and grounding & branches to feel, explore & express, offering us a reminder to be earthed, open and expressive.
  2. Termites recreate the tree & initiate a metamorphous, challenging us to be open to recreating ourself and life anew.
  3. Outer appears phallic and masculine, and yet the inner is uterine like, feminine, asking us to be harmonized by both gender impulses. To have strength and softness, to be seen and to see, and to be felt and to feel.
  4. Circular breathing has no set beginning or end, inviting us to consider that time and existence may be akin. It may be more a matter of presence, where all may be contained in a circle, the micro and the macro, ~ past , present & future.
  5. Each is individual an absolute one off, as are each of us, reminding us to find our own path. Perhaps also, is there no right or wrong way to play. Is it more about  the process or the journey ,not arriving. Like John Lennon said “Lifes what happens when your busy making  other plans”, and  are we being reminded ,to play and enjoy and be .
  6. In the heart of the journey, less attached to the destination and more how we move towards it, is perhaps  why aboriginal culture refers  to, the great mystery as the  “The Dreaming”?
  7. When all manner of strong emotions  are expressed as sound,  and they in fact do sound like music, as opposed to strong expressions, is this nudging us  to  bring acceptance to all feelings as part of the tapestry  of human experience.
  8. If the  earth rotating  which science tells us sounds the same, as a a hollow tube and vibrating lips,   and if the Aumm said to be sound of all creation also sounds like the drone,  and if all of happens to be akin to  the sound from our hollow tube oesophagus and our vibrating voice box.,   what  essence or power is within  our voice and how can a long tube  magnify and empower  our voice, our essence ? Is there an invitation to tap into our connection with Source, God, Great Spirit the Mystery, & to magnify our truth, our light , our gifts.
  9. The dreamy , rhythmic, soothing vibratory nature of the sound is conjusive to altered states that support insights, change, growth  and states of enlightenment.
  10.  From the earth, a natural instrument of such multidimensionality, it supports our connection to earth and our harmonizing with Gaia and our purpose as a living part. Indigenous roots and history invite us all to reclaim our indigenous self and our own deep knowing, as part of all that is. Its mineral elements, its elemental forces, the tree  and forest spirits, all shape a connection to earth & spirit for us to open to. A friend to remind us who we are  & what we are part of, & what we are here to do.
  11. As an instrument played ceremonially  for thousands of years, it shows us the value of applying sound and song  in support of our conscious purpose in the little and big things of our own  and our communities life. As an instrument also used equally used for  music, fun and frivolity, it tempers us with  a call to humility and lightness.
  12. Simplicity and complexity dancing as partners. Breath & thus rhythm create form and structure, and  clear thought, clear context. Feeling  gifts melody, bringing forth sounds that reflect colour, pictures and landscapes  of the feeling journey world that  tell & connect us with our stories. To marry these worlds, our heart expands as the bridge;  and are we  thus invited to grow in  our ability to hold  and love more?
  13. An instrument of great simplicity, complexity, a powerful tool,  and a good friend, ~ gifting centeredness, calm, empowerment, expression, self awareness, ones voice, harmony, clarity & more; & most of all a gift of  & for the heart.