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The terms & conditions of accessing & utilizing www.heartdidg.com & www.heartlanddidgeridoos.com.au are as follows  and may be updated periodically at any time.


1.1 Unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them.

The “Customer” shall mean the customer named in the Account Application Form or referred to in other relevant documents and shall, unless the context otherwise requires, include its employees and agents.

The “Business” shall mean Heartland Didgeridoos(ABN 78-807-640-516) and shall unless the context otherwise requires, include its employees, contractors and agents.

The “Goods” shall mean any goods, products or services offered for sale by the Business.

“ONLINE” shall mean the process of placing orders via the ‘Online Ordering System’ located at www.heartdidg.comwww.heartlanddidgeridoos.com.au


2.1  Access to our web sites is on a tempory basis and  this Business does not guarantee the site to be up  a 100% of the time and in the same format previously accessed. From time to time it may be changed or access removed to all or part and there is no liability for  any inconvenience resulting.


3.1 Customers may place orders verbally, in writing, by Email or via the ONLINE service.

3.2  An order is not active until it has been accepted in writing by Heartland Didgeridoos. The Company reserves the right at all times to refuse to accept any order from the Customer without giving reasons.

3.3 Once an order is placed by the Customer and accepted by this Business, if the Customer thereafter wishes to cancel or vary the order, the Customer may be liable for costs, if any, incurred by the Company up to that point in time.

3.4 Goods sourced  specifically to fullfil an order may not be cancelled or varied unless agreed by the Company.

3.5 All cancellations or variations must be in writing.


4.1  All Prices unless stated otherwise are in  A$ -Australian dollars and we reserve the right to change prices/products at any time.

4.2 If buying from another country, use Currency Exchange calculators  as a guideline only, as  the exchange rate used is  based upon the actual time and date that the bank transacts the exchange.  There may be a difference between order date & transaction date or  a minor difference  between a calculators rate used and the rate used by actual bank handling this transaction. If there is a major difference please make contact & we will  look into this asap.

4.3 Terms of payment are  Visa, Mastercard, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)  or Paypal, with the order .

4.4 An orders payment must be cleared into Heartland Didgeridoos bank account before it is freighted.

4.5 Where the Company agrees to grant the Customer credit, the terms of payment are strictly seven (7) days calculated from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4.6 The Customer acknowledges that the Company may impose a $35 charge for returned cheques


5.1 Delivery of goods shall be effected by this Business to the Customer subject to availability, and without any liability on behalf of this Business for any delays.

5.2 Once the goods have been delivered by this Business to the site of the Customer, all risk in and to the goods shall pass to the Customer.

5.3 Any delivery time frames referred to on the web site or via email are estimates only  and being  that they  are handled by third party businesses we have no way of controlling final delivery date. We will do our best to ensure that goods arrive in a timely manner.

5.4 If ordering from another country, it is your responsibility to investigate with your Government whether there are any import taxes applicable. Most countries do not charge taxes on “indigenous handicrafts” & in some cases where clients have been charged they have appealed and achieved a reversal of the charge. If there are importation charges, duties or  taxes, the client is fully responsible for paying these.


6.1 All goods will be insured in transit.

6.2 All claims for any damage and/or defect in the goods purchased by the Customer must be made to the Company in writing within 24 hours of delivery of the goods otherwise the goods are deemed to be received in good order and condition.

6.3  To maximise Insurance assessment success, the customer must not sign for goods without checking packaging &  if packaging appears damaged, please take a photo and keep all packaging.

6.4 As Heartland Didgeridoos has a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE we will replace those items the Customer deems to be unsatisfactory with a mutually agreed replacement as soon  as is practical. It is the customers responsibility to return the item at their cost unless there is a defect in workmanship in which case Heartland Didgeridoos will cover freight both directions. Similarly  Heartland Didgeridoos “LIFETIME GUARANTEE” backs up our commitment to look after  our customers for as long as the business is in operation (lifetime being = business life length) This guarantee is explained in detail on the page “HEARTLAND GUARANTEE and the customer after discussing via email with relevant pictures is then  required to freight the didgeridoo back at their own cost, from which the Guarantee will apply.

6.5 If a Customer in good faith disputes any invoiced charges, the customer must provide in writing details of the amount disputed, the reasons for the dispute, and the basis for calculating the disputed amount.

6.6 Heartland Didgeridoos will investigate all disputes.

6.7 If it is an outstanding account and  the amount is found to be payable (in whole or in part), then the Customer must pay that amount within 7 days of receiving notice and the basis of the decision.

6.8 Invoiced charges that are not disputed in good faith within 14 days of the date of an invoice will be deemed to be correct.


7.1 Heartland  Didgeridoos makes every effort to display correct and accurate information
however is not required to honour a  products purchase if information or price is incorrectly displayed. This Business can refuse to take an order and where an order has been processed reserves the right to cancel the order & issue a reversal of any monies received.

7.2 Pictures of products are taken to best display how they look in real life, and we cannot prevent the imperfections of camera & monitor, angle of photo or lighting on the day, distorting somewhat its actual appearance. Any alterations to the photo are rare & minor and only made to remove some of these imperfections as they have affected the picture.


Heartland Didgeridoos respects the privacy of all its customers and does not sell or lend any information collected. We use your information to enable us to provide you with the service and delivery you expect. Any details you supply in the form of email addresses will  be used to respond to online inquiries, and as a customer we put you on the mailing list but readily  will remove your contact details  as well if desired. We do not disclose or sell your contact details to any third parties.


Copyright in the information, that includes but not limited to text, data, .& sound or video  files,  that is contained on this website or any linked to website that house our information, is owned by Heartland Didgeridoos. You may use this information for your own personal reference only. You may reproduce this information in hard copy solely for your personal use. The information may not otherwise be reproduced and must not be distributed or transmitted to any other person or incorporated in any way, into another document or other material unless permission is obtained from Heartland Didgeridoos in writing or via email.

If we have given permission for use, we require  ©Heartland Didgeridoos to be clearly present on any page with, any content from our web site or linked to sites that house our information, and if it is not placed  as such, this is a breach of Copyright