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We stand out by being prompt, clear and very informative in all communications, leaving you feeling looked after.  


*We guarantee your  satisfaction  and if you  are not satisfied after recieving  your order,  contact us within 5 days  with relavant info & pictures and we will do all that is needed to see you satisfied.

*If at any point in time your didgeridoo fails in its integrity,  and this is a result of selection and/or  workmanship, we will repair it, and if not repairable, then replace it and ensure your satisfaction.

* For overseas clients, in cases of minor repair or service, because of distance & freight cost sometimes being a discouragement, Heartland offers a Skype repair service  & Video instructionals to  work with you  supporting the maintenance  of your didgeridoo.

* For as long as we are in business, we will be available to answer your questions no matter how long ago you bought your didgeridoo.


  • If a  replacement is sought, and  the facts called into question were clearly stated, and the subjective or sound assessment elements were provided at the best of Heartland Didgeridoos ability,  then a replacement can only be arranged if  the buyer covers the basic relevant costs of the replacement & process.
  •  After checking the instrument  and  consulting with  the buyer, Heartland Didgeridoos reserves the right, to then make the call  whether the issue or defects are resulting from selection / workmanship, or accident/ misuse/ normal use.
  • Freight costs – If  a replacement is required and Heartland Didgeridoos has failed to do all that was reasonably possible to provide the right didgeridoo, then we  will cover freight to and fro at our cost. Alternatively if we have done all that is reasonably possible, the buyer must cover freight costs to and fro.
  • The definition of “Lifetime” as a timeline refers to the Life of this business, not the life of the product or person buying it.

Please note the above exceptions and clarifications are only there to ensure a fair system for all, & Heartland Didgeridoos commits to using  them fairly and in the interests of seeing all parties happy with the outcome.


Our service arrangement is  our how we Guarantee back up support in maintaining your didgeridoo in top condition.

There are different levels of support offered depending upon  the Class of didgeridoo and how much you have  spent.

  • Heartands Affordable Playing Class <$499   Guarantee includes one half price service anytime within 2 years.
  • Heartlands Instrument Class  $500>$799 Guarantee includes one half price service anytime within 4 years.
  • Heartlands Fine Instrument  Class $800>$1199  includes one free service anytime within 5 years & future services at Client discounted rate.
  • Heartlands Collectors Finest Instrument Class  $1200>  has a LIFETIME  FREE SERVICE GUARANTEE**

What is a Service~ It  includes a timber integrity , mouthpiece, internal seal & exterior varnish check, effectively bringing didgeridoo back to a new condition. (Check implies checking its effectiveness and condition & if needed to bring up to a new condition.)

Service Cost~ Approx $120 depending upon didgeridoo type & size (before discount if it applies)

Exception~ Small scuffs or timber movements within normal use  and  beyond a clients control will not be seen as making void this Guarantee,  however we do not guarantee against didgeridoos left in a hot car, or mistreated or dropped or broken through accident or misuse. Heartland Didgeridoos reserves the right to make  the call whether a didgeridoo is needing a service or repair through misuse/accident  or normal use.

Note~ The Discounted or Free Services, requires the  client to arrange or pay for freight to and fro.


  • Heartland Didgeridoo’s only select wood of the highest integrity
    & exercise the greatest care in making and freighting didgeridoos.
  • Even though we have been making didgeridoos since 1993 and sending  thousands of didgeridoos around Australia and the globe, in that time we have only made Insurance claims for 3 didgeridoos damaged in freighting and have only had to replace 2 because of cracking. 

    The reason is by being fussy in the selection process and wrapping them extremely well. Because of the above customer service policy and our track record we ensure satisfaction.


  • This is part of the “extra” we supply, by being there, when you have questions, after receiving the didgeridoo.  The sale isn’t the end point ! We are interested in your ongoing didgeridoo journey and making sure you’re happy and fully informed.
  • You’ll be proud to own a Heartland Didgeridoo, for the quality, detailed and spirit filled approach to making, packaging and supplying that shows in the didgeridoo, the cover, the information supplied about the didgeridoo and also the attention that you receive throughout in having your needs met.
  • The incentive lies with us to supply a didgeridoo that will be faultless and if there is a problem to solve it in a way that leaves you feeling looked after.