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How do we send your parcel?

Freight is via an Air Freighter. We either use Australia Post or TNT. It is  a Door to Door, Fully Insured Service.

How  long  does it take?

10-14 days  to your door.

In detail- After  placing your order where appropriate we select didg cover to suit  your didg. If not in stock, it is   custom made and complete within 2 days. Goods are packed and sent the following day. So within 1-4 days  from receiving order, we aim to have your  ordered goods  on the truck overnight to Sydney 6 hours  south. In Sydney it is scheduled for a   flight immediately  and then on its way. All up it can be as quick as 7-days and   only occassionally is it  beyond 2 weeks from ordered date. If for any reason there is a delay, we keep in constant communication with you and you’ll always know  your orders progress.

How much does the freight cost?
It will be detailed in Heartland’s eShop shopping cart as  you purchase via the web site.

How  is the didg packaged? Is the didg well protected?

The didg, is in its  didg cover bag and then wrapped in  bubble wrap. The padded didg is then enclosed in a cardboard box or covering that is created around the didg custom to its shape; giving it added structural strength

Is it fully  insured and is there anything about insurance, I need to know?

The goods are fully insured   against breakage, loss, or theft.  In 18 years we have had only three claims, and in all cases insurance was honoured and we made sure  that the client got another didgeridoo  that was of same or better value. The insurance gives you  peace of mind.  On receipt of goods please check immediately before signing for it, or sign, “subject to inspection”. Write this as well as signing , and the same applies when  someone is receiving it on your behalf, by making sure they know  to sign as such. This doubly protects you in in the  unfortunate case that it is broken. It is essential that after signing as such that you  then check parcel within 24 hours   and if it is   broken that you notify the Freighter and Heartland to this effect  and that a claim is to be made. We will then act  on your behalf .

Are there any other costs ?

 All of our costs are included in the check out process. So there are no  other extras.

The only factor  as to extra cost, which is not connected to our service, may be customs duty if applicable. In some countries  there is a duty or tax and it operates as a %  of the value of the imported goods. It is generally minor and in some  countries there is no cost. Its impossible for us to guesstimate as each country is different. This can catch some didg buyers by surprise so  please contact your Customs Office in your country, if you are unaware. 

Do you take  credit cards and if so which ones? 

Yes we take Visa and Mastercard.

Can I pay by bank transfer, or cashiers cheque or Paypal?

Of these methods we only accept Paypal .

What is the  most cost effective way of paying for the goods?

Credit Card- No cost to you.
Paypal – 2% extra applies

You’ll be  doubly pleased you’ve purchased  a Highest quality, playing- collectable didgeridoo from Heartland Didgeridoos ! , as we’ll back up your order all the way.