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  • White ant hollowed crafted didgeridoo, sealed inside  with natural resin varnish, oil or beeswax,  and outside with oil or varnish and often painted with natural collected rock ochres. 
  • Personalised certificate detailing wood type, area found, the maker and his story and any related didg dreamings. Information is also included as to how to look after your didg. 
  • The guarantee is, that its been made by a passionate didg player who has found the didgeridoo and seen it through to completion. Heartland Didgeridoos are not  found by one  person made by another and art applied by yet another. In all but rare collaborations,  the whole process is made by one person, a rare thing in the world of didg supply. There is something more grounded about a didgeridoo made in this way. It is tangible. 
  • A Quality Heartland Didgeridoo Cover Bag, can be included at a discounted price with the purchase of a didgeridoo. 
  • A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee  and also a Lifetime Guarantee . Our commitment to  you that we back up what we sell  want to see you very happy  with your purchase . 
  • More than what you can see! These didgeridoos aren’t knocked out. Spirit is breathed into them in the making process and playing them is a part of bringing the instrument to life, getting the most out of what starts as a hollow log, finetuning how they play with the hollowing, shaping and mouthpiece processes, getting the best out of its potential as a player. 
  •  Sometimes  nature creates  a perfect didgeridoo, and a maker needs to do nothing to the inside.  They are rare finds.  Most hollow logs, deserve some inner work to find their perfection & that’s what you can be assured of.  With the right length, shape and wood integrity there is the capacity  for  a maker to create what is often  deemed rare. You can be assured that your Heartland Didgeridoo has been refined to its full potential. 
  • Tree spirit to didgeridoo spirit, your new  didgeridoo is alive with many forces. One may agree wholeheartedly, another may find this concept trippy, but acknowledging the mystery  & there being more to a didgeridoo than meets the eye, puts in context that whilst a good maker plays a big part, didgeridoos are first and foremost an earth created instrument.  Wow!. From that place  we acknowledge , earth, tree, nature spirits, the white ants gift of metamorphous bringing transformational energies, the outer and inner journey in finding the didgeridoo and its making and  how all  this becomes their dreaming whether art is  or isn’t applied. We see every part of the didgeridoos journey as a celebration of life, of change, of transformation, of learning and the gifts are instilled for you in this special didgeridoo, to support your journey. It is totally individual as are you. 
  • We do  our best to honour  all of the above ,  and we’ve grown to trust  that the same magic that brings it into being from tree and place, to the wonder of the find, the enjoyment in making, the buzz of playing and the pleasure of painting its story, for us the maker;  then draws to it the person who most needs the playability & spirit instilled in that didg. This synchronistic story, enables didgeridoos to be sent around the globe most often sight unseen to be greeted as – ” that’s exactly what I wanted or needed “