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Those that make Heartland Didgeridoos , find them,  make them, paint them & play them,  so if you are considering  to buy of us, 99% chance it was made  by one person. Only occasionally do we get another artist to add art to a didgeridoo we have made. But even in this case, the finder has fully made the didgeridoo as an instrument.

In the wider market I would estimate that only 10-20% of the wider market is this the case & this is a generous estimate. So most didgs  In most shops  and on most onlline stores have been found by one person,  made by another & art applied by yet another, and very often  one or more of these people within the process are not players, so the connection to didgeridoo is more monetary and task based. Even amongst the best makers in the country, the % who do the lot whilst higher at I’d guess 20-30%, it’s still a minority.  I base these %’s upon 20 years in the industry and knowing  a high% of the main suppliers & makers.

WHY MAKE A POINT OF THIS???  Well, the roots of didgeridoo come from a  culture where all tasks would have been part of one whole task. Making a Yidaki.

So what happens when two worlds collide.  Western culture asks us~ how I can I make something quicker and for less. Its at the foundation of modern business. But to what degree is this balanced?  When the bottom line- profit, & the maximising of cash flow, drive  a business or a products creation, it  can easily become more about outside appearances and  talking an object up, than the reality. It can become harder and harder to honestly compare products.

Because of the elusive elements  that makes didgeridoos so varied in their playing characteristics , the didg world is rife with a glut of experts saying different things & putting up their own case for being  one. It can be a world of confusing talk and tale.

In this world of dissection of tasks, its refreshing that at Heartland Didgeridoos, you can purchase of someone who still does all tasks on  his didgeridoos.

Dissection of tasks, affects the quality  somewhat, despite in some cases their being good workmanship. I suggest something significant is lost in the maker not being the one who found the didgeridoo & followed it through to completion. As an instrument that has cultural & environmental connection, this is not a light thing.

You can be assured in buying of Heartland Didgeridoos, of a didgeridoo, that as a completed instrument, has its connection to earth & place  in tact, through the love  and care of the finder who follows its process all the way through to you. If any part of you desired enjoyment, relaxation or to deepen relationship to spirit or earth through your playing, then this is a very important energetic to be able to trust in.

Happy Didgin