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  • 1411

    1411~ “Lord of the Rings”

    “A didg over 4 years in the making. Amazing didgs take time. It started with the didg being made and the crystals and shells being set into the cavernous end some 4 years ago. A bit of work here and there and eventually the didg was made. But the art would then take some two years later till I met Peter Gallagher before we dreamed up the next step. Peters art is similarly time honoured and close on a year of Peter working with it and here it is. The first of a few special pieces he is producing based on the Lord of the Rings. This will be the only one done by Peter with the Rivendell, Council of Elrond theme. The magical world of Rivendell and the magical world of Didgeridoo go hand in hand very well. The Council of Elrond are all there, wound around in a band, around the didg. The 3D circular element to ths art portrayed on a didgeridoo, brings it alive. One can only keep going around and around seeing more magical views of Rivendell. This didg will be supllied with a stand to feature your special piece.”
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  • 2197

    2197~ “Heart Centred”

    A perfect taper and carved snake exterior surrounds a full natural hole, giving its lightness for size, and ends in a natural heart shaped end. You can tell by looking at this that its real good, and it is!!!!!! A didgeridoo that is easeful to play, and very centring and heartening.


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  • 2200

    2200~ “Reef Dreaming”

    Inspired by a  couple of weeks on a remote island,  I had come home to notice  the burl on this didg looked like a turtle. I had only just watched massive turtles laying their eggs. What a pleasure to have this didg decorated in respect  for their life and world. Thank you  Karim  for  your contribution to the carving, and also Kristian Benton who did the beautiful complimentary painted dot work. An all time great player. This didgeridoo has that classic tapered bore, that gives  for a powerful player, big  responsive and boomy.
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  • Heartland Didgeridoo ~ Rainbow Serpent Dreaming

    2404 ~ “Rainbow Serpent”

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  • Heartland Didgeridoo ~ Rainbow Serpent

    2427 ~ “Rainbow Serpent”

    An  exquisitely balanced didgeridoo as to proportions, artwork styles & colour mix, weight & playability. Just  wonderful to hold, feel, hear and experience.
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  • Heartland Didgeridoos ~ "Gondwana"

    B594~ “Gondwana”

    This didgeridoo has a vibrancy to look at and play that reminds of earth in its prime state of being, whether looking back to a distant time, whether experiencing pockets  that are left unscathed or dreaming of a time ahead when we have rediscovered a way to live in harmony with earth.
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  • Heart;land Didgeridoo ~ Centred in Nature

    B772 ~ “Centred in Nature”

    Flowing ochre coloured art, flowing story rich bark patterns~ this didg beckons one into a deeper level of connection to oneself and the natural. The tapered shame alludes to its ease of playing and the more than generous, sound quality if offers. Beautiful didgeridoo!!!!!
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  • Heartland Didgeridoo ~ "Wonder Full"

    B794 ~ “Wonder Full”

    Right at the base of the didgeridoo  the natural wood grain is featured,  and trails from grubs that got under the bark are left and in their eating is  their story. The wonder of life also shows in the intricacies of the artwork.. A special didgeridoo for sure. Perfect mouthpiece, perfectly crafted, a beautiful  deep resonant player.
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  • Heartland Didgeridoo ~ Shields

    B822 ~ “Shields

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  • Heartland Didgeridoo ~ Spiral Heart

    B833 ~ “Spiral Heart”

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  • Heartland Didgeridoo ~ Reflections ~ Inner & Outer

    B855 ~ “Reflections ~ Inner & Outer”

    Pictures look good, but in real life  this one is stunning. Its shape and size produce a boomy resonant wonder full player. Its art is stunning equally and reflects the inner and outer worlds & the flow in between. It encourages  one to be conscious of the interplay between & within all forms of duality and thus centred and heart guided in a place of en light ment.
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  • Heart;land Didgeridoo ~ Patience is Power

    B898 ~ “Patience is Power”

    This is Sun seasoned dead wood, found in perfect  time, as was the age old way to wait until it was right time. And in this beautiful one it produced the quality of power with the patience of right time.  Its so punchy and responsive, whilst being bright & clear and boomy  and warm. One of my favourite didgeridoos. Photos don’t do it justice in many ways, including the grub art in the bottom end that feature in a  scarred area of the tree. The Goanna a lizard that can be  so cruizy  and watchful or lightening quick perfectly adorns the didgeridoo. Wow  Wow!!!!!    Ideal for  fast & intricate playing.
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