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Hi Tynon, Didg has been with me for a week now. It is a beautiful piece of wood. I am super impressed with how you have built (modified) a didg to perfectly suit my needs. It is super light and has beautiful natural aesthetics, keeping both the acknowledgement of it as a natural didg and also adjusting the upper part to show the beauty of the sanded timber. More importantly it is very responsive, very vocal and a treat to play. I’m stoked, so thank you.

I’m hoping someday soon i’ll be in around the North Coast as i’d love to drop in (even though it means I’d probably come away with another didg) and see the store and what you have available. Mail order was the only option in this instance and I’m lucky that you are talented at suiting peoples needs over the phone. Thank you again for catering to my needs and providing the perfect didg for what I was after.
Oct 2014 ~ Matt Wight ~ Victoria

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